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Shipping Methods:

Standard Shipping:
All orders will be shipped by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail or Fedex

Shipping Cost Calculation: Standard FLAT RATE

$0.01 - 9.99                   $5.95
$10.00 - 49.99               $5.95
$50.00 - 99.99               $5.95
$100.00 - 199.99           $5.95
$200.00 and over           $5.95

ONLY $5.95 shipping for ALL orders of 1 to 200!

Expedited shipping $7.95 (guaranteed to leave warehouse within 24 hrs)

Two Day Shipping $14.95 (Must be placed before 3:00 PM ET)

Next Day (overnight) Shipping $24.95 (Must be placed before 3:00 PM ET)


Delivery Time:
Items shown on the product pages will ship within 24-48 hours, unless special shipping is requested. Standard shipping time will generally take two to seven business days for addresses in the United States. Expedited shipping will generally take two to four business days.  Standard International shipping time may take 6 to 12 business days.  International Fedex will take 2-3 business days.

Billing Policy:
Credit Cards will be charged upon shipping under either "TV Store Online" or "Your Fantasy Warehouse." Checks and Money Orders will be deposited upon shipping.

Payment Options:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards for online purchases.

 By mail, we accept checks or money orders.



International Orders:
$0.01 - 9.99                   $7.95
$10.00 - 19.45               $9.95
$19.46 - 39.98               $14.95
$39.99 and over             $26.95

Fedex International Express -- $29.95-49.95  (2-3 days)

We ship all international shipments with the U.S. Post Office's Airmail service in order to get you your items as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.  The rate for Global Priority is nearly the same for all destinations, therefore we charge the same to send a package to Canada as we do to Japan.


A-Team            Anchorman
Animal House
Back to the Future
Batman                      Big Lebowski            Blues Brothers
CaddyShack           Chuck Norris Comics                      Cry Baby                     Dirty Dancing          Dukes of Hazzard
E.T.                     Edward Scissorhands
Family Guy             Family Matters   
Fantastic Four            Flash Gordon
G.I. Joe   
Ghost Rider
Ghostbusters       Godfather
Goonies                  Greatest American Hero    Gremlins                      He-Man
Karate Kid
Knight Rider               Little Rascals
Magnum PI
Married w/Children
MASH                     Miami Vice                    Mr. Rogers
Napoleon Dynamite
Office Space

Old School              Oregon Trail
Press Your Luck
Price is Right
Sanford and Son
Saved By the Bell Scarface
Seinfeld  Simpsons             Smokey & Bandit
SNL                      Speed Racer
Starsky & Hutch

Terminator                The Jeffersons            The Office
Transformers           Video Games               X-Men
24                             40 year Old Virgin